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Pressure & Vacuum Blower Packages

Industrial Vacuum Blowers & Pneumatic Blower Packages

DoverMEI is a leading industrial vacuum blower manufacturer for various industries and applications. Our pneumatic blower packages are custom built with quality, durability, and high performance in mind. Improve your facility’s operations and reduce energy costs with our commercial-grade products that are integrated to meet your every need. As industrial vacuum blower manufacturers, we provide cost-effective solutions for applications requiring low-pressure air. You can rely on our energy-efficient equipment to reduce power costs and improve your facility’s operations.

All of our industrial vacuum blower packages are custom designed to meet your specific and space requirements. Contact our industry experts today to learn more about our heavy-duty industrial blowers!

  • Hot-dipped galvanized or painted bases
  • Twin bolt slide rail motor bases
  • Blower to frame isolation
  • Expanded metal drive guard cover (enhances cooling and allows for inspection without disassembly)
  • Base designed with drill accessibility for in-place anchoring
  • Check valves, relief valves, and remote pressure sensing port
  • Aluminum filter element housing covers
  • TEFC motors
  • Channel base
  • Vertical stack
  • Table top
  • Our industrial vacuum blower packages are designed to meet special process needs for your specific application
  • Pressure and vacuum
  • Special fabrication or coating requirements
  • Skid mount
  • Stand mount