By DoverMEI

Portable Transloader

The new DoverMEI portable transloader is a self-contained unit that requires no additional support equipment. These units can transfer at rates that rival those of plant systems.

Easy to operate, easy to maintain, this portable transloader provides optimal mobility and ease of use. Go to today and read more about the MPU.


Stationary Transloading Systems

DoverMEI’s transloading solutions, like our portable transloader, offer flexibility, reliance, toughness, and longevity. We have pioneered the quick bag split dumping system and have perfected its ability to speed your operation, reduce labor costs and increase productivity. We transload a host of products with success every day.

Super Fast Super Punch

Lift and place bag piercing technology that doesn’t allow “bits” and “pieces” of the bag to get into the material. The system cuts cleanly, and instantly to give you excellent production and a quality product downstream.

The Super Punch feature of our transloading equipment is an excellent return on investment. Specifically designed to cut through FIBC bags instantly, allowing material to flow through the opening in mere seconds. Even the most stubborn of materials are easily off loaded with our Super Punch

Redundant Systems

When minutes matter, you want a reliable convey process that will keep you running and traffic moving. The Transloading line of equipment from DoverMEI does exactly that. Built to be rugged, efficient, and with ease of maintenance. You will see that your warehouse moves more product and keeps the traffic moving through your facility at a higher profit margins than with competitors equipment.

No Cross Contamination

The 100% visibility of the Quadpack packaging system is the just the beginning. DoverMEI has engineered the system to be free from any nooks or crannies, edges or ledges anywhere in the system.

If you’re not impressed yet, consider level probes, hatches, weld seams, pipe spool fit ups and more. DoverMEI has painstakingly identified and mitigated all areas of the convey process where rogue material can hang up and cause cross contamination issues downstream.