By DoverMEI

Quadpack Packaging Systems

Quadpack packaging systems by DoverMEI is the industry standard to safeguarding your packaging line supply chain against product degradation and contamination. We design our systems to mitigate exposure to your supply chain often overlooked or disregarded by other equipment suppliers.

100% Visual Inspection

Currently the only packaging line equipment on the market to offer 100% visual inspection of the entire convey line. This means operators can inspect every inch of contact surface to ensure its clean, its ready and reliable for your product.

From pipes, to pellet receivers and everything in between, your inspectors will have 100% visual inspection capabilities on any Quadpack packaging system.

Redundant Systems

When minutes matter, you want a reliable convey process that can adapt to unforeseen events that may cripple other FFS packaging lines. The QUADPACK continues to run even if there is a catastrophic systems failure. This is because of the redundancy built into the total system. Even if part of the system is taken down for maintenance, the packaging line can operate at full capacity ensuring you get your product packaged right and on time.

No Cross Contamination

The 100% visibility of the Quadpack packaging system is the just the beginning. DoverMEI has engineered the system to be free from any nooks or crannies, edges or ledges anywhere in the system.

Doesn’t seem like much? Consider level probes, hatches, weld seams, pipe spool fit ups and more. DoverMEI has painstakingly identified and mitigated all areas of the convey process where rogue material can hang up and cause cross contamination issues downstream.