Loading Spouts

Railcar loading spouts are important component in your railcar loading systems. The spouts attach to storage tanks and silos and unload into railcars so that they can shipped. Loading spouts help the efficiency of your facility. They are an essential piece of equipment for a fast and continuous material flow during your loading processes. Dry bulk materials are easily loaded into the railcar, significantly improving your operations while saving time and money. As leading bulk loading spout manufacturers, we design and manufacture high-quality products that are low maintenance and used for various applications. DoverMEI’s team will properly install the bulk loading spout, leaving you with a fully functional system. Contact us today to learn about the many benefits of our highly efficient railcar loading spouts!

Rail Car Telescoping Spout

Available in 8″ & 10″ Version

  • Gimble design offers movement on both x & y axis
  • Built in level control
  • In position proof limit switches
  • Safety catch in up position
  • Pelletized and flake products Spinner Rail Car Spinner Loader for Rates up to 100,000 Pounds per Hook
  • Air or electric hoist
  • Built in level control

In position proof limit switches

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