The Next generation of Digitalization

Outdoor processes monitored

  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) Cameras monitor rail traffic at the unload station
  • Cameras can be mounted inside and outside at critical areas
  • Wireless access point is provided so operators can monitor system performance while track side

DoverLINK© Centralization

  • PLC communicates directly with the DoverLINK system to provide up to the minute real time performance data
  • Data is displayed on a local Large screen format monitor for easy viewing
  • Wireless access point lets users use tablets & smartphones to monitor system performance
  • Connection to the World Wide Web allows secure remote viewing of any authorized team member

DoverLINK infographics

Ask Your DoverMEI Project Developer about DoverLINK©

DoverLINK is available with new system installations and can be retrofitted to existing systems already installed. Access to the PLC program on existing systems is required to develop performance screen details and allow data to be monitored. Not all PLCs are compatible and will require additional upgrades to be made DoverLINK compliant. DoverMEI is committed to bring it’s customers the latest and most technologically advanced systems in the industry.

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