Factors That Lead to Failure of Vacuum Blowers

Factors That Lead to Failure of Vacuum Blowers

Good maintenance is just as important to your industrial work environment as good operating procedures are. If you have a well-trained employee who doesn’t follow proper maintenance protocols, then disaster can strike in the workplace. Each and every machine in your work environment needs maintenance at some point or another, including your industrial vacuum blowers. By learning about the factors that lead to failure of vacuum blowers, you’ll understand why taking care of these machines on a daily basis is so important.

Over-Temperature Damage

It’s normal procedure to replace ball bearings in blowers every few years. However, your blower may experience over-temperature, which is when the machinery operates at a much higher temperature than it’s meant to. If this happens, it can melt the grease used to protect the ball bearings, leading to a broken impeller and motor.

Ignoring Filter Maintenance

Foreign materials making their way into your blower can also lead to failure of the machinery. They can clog up the machine and lead to several issues, which can then lead to the aforementioned impeller and motor breakdowns. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on proper blower maintenance, particularly when it comes to the filter. Replacing filters regularly will make sure the blower receives the cool, clean airstream it requires to operate to its fullest potential.

Environmental Damage

It’s important for you to understand how the materials in the environment will affect the blower because some areas will make it more prone to corrosion than others. For instance, the presence of excessive salt, moisture, and certain chemicals can cause the blower to malfunction. If this is the case in your work environment, make sure to practice the proper maintenance precautions for this buildup on your gear.

Now that you know several of the most common factors that lead to failure of vacuum blowers, you’re one step closer to keeping your equipment safe, clean, and operational. Industrial vacuum cleaners are a key component of any industrial work environment and should be treated as such. At DoverMEI, we can help you find and install the right industrial vacuum blower to meet your specific requirements.

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