Gain-in-Weight vs. Loss-in-Weight Batching Systems

Gain-in-Weight vs. Loss-in-Weight Batching Systems

As it goes with most material handling equipment, figuring out what type of batching system your facility needs is crucial for day-to-day functions. If you’re not familiar with the benefits of gain-in-weight vs. loss-in-weight batching systems, this guide will enlighten you on the subject so you can make the right call for your workplace.

In a gain-in-weight batching system, a feeder sends an ingredient to a batch container that sits on a scale. As the name suggests, gain-in-weight batching systems detect the amount of weight added by the ingredients discharged into the batch containers. It’s a slower process than a loss-in-weight batching system, but the benefit of this slower pace is that you’re going to get more accurate results.

Loss-in-weight batching systems function by sensing the amount of weight loss in a feeder. While this is a faster process thanks to the amount of product you can discharge and weigh at any given time, loss-in-weight batching systems are commonly known to be a less accurate way of batching ingredients.

Given these facts, the decision for which batching system to use might sound pretty cut-and-dry. However, it’s not quite so easy. Gain-in-weight batching systems are the best choice for facilities in which accuracy is crucial, batches are small, and the system will require frequent sanitation.

The importance of these factors will differ from industry to industry. For example, ingredient accuracy and thorough sanitation of system components are very important for the food and pharmaceutical industries so gain-in-weight will be more beneficial in these cases. However, if your facility requires batches to move at a quick pace and you don’t have to worry about factors such as thorough sanitation or immense accuracy, loss-in-weight batching systems may be a better option to get the job done.

As you can see, when it comes to the decision of gain-in-weight vs. loss-in-weight batching systems, it all comes down to what’s best for your facility’s specific operations. As it goes with all manufacturing equipment, matching the right system with your specific needs will help you optimize productivity in your workplace rather than hindering it.

Finding the right gear for your needs can be tough sometimes, which is why we try to make it as easy for you as possible. At DoverMEI, we can help you obtain and install a series of full systems for manufacturing facilities, as well as individual components such as bulk plastic pellets.

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