How Cleaner Air Can Improve the Efficiency of Your Business

How Cleaner Air Can Improve the Efficiency of Your Business

Clean, breathable, and healthy air is a basic human necessity. But sometimes, the benefits of clean air are forgotten and even lost in the drive to produce and profit. Corners get cut and standards drop because of the belief that caring for the environment and the health and well-being of workers is too costly. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, clean air can make your facility far more efficient, keep workers happier, and impact the bottom line of your business in a positive way. Here’s how cleaner air can improve the efficiency of your business.

Overall Health

At the base, there are no alternatives to good, clean air when it comes to health. Bluntly, what else is there to breathe but air? That said, there’s no such thing as a healthy amount of pollution in the air we breathe. Clean air is necessary because our bodies need oxygen to live, and any pollutants that infiltrate the air will also infiltrate our bodies. Whether pollution consists of dust, toxins, or other noxious matter, once diminished, we deliver cleaner air through our lungs and circulatory system that’s distributed throughout our bodies. This reduces the risk of cancer, strokes, heart attacks, respiratory diseases, and more. Healthy bodies mean efficient employees—and that has a secondary effect as well.

Reduced Sick Time

As we’ve sadly learned these past few years, diseases transferred through breathing, sneezing, coughing, talking, and so forth can lay low entire populations. When the air is unclean and unfiltered, diseases can spread, causing more sick days, thereby diminishing the workforce and reducing productivity. Employing air filters and other air cleaning devices isn’t 100-percent effective in stopping all diseases, but it can certainly slow down transmission of airborne bacteria, viruses, allergens, and more. Stop health risks and triggers before they can take out your workforce.

Scents and Smells

Because it’s free from pollutants and the like, clean air has the wonderful quality of smelling great. Imagine the first time you get to open all the windows in spring, when the scent of all that new life and greenery comes spilling inside. It inspires you to work, and the feeling is mutual among your employees. Even if it’s not possible to open the windows, maintaining clean and odor-free air through filters, dust collectors, and other filtration devices can remove bad smells, foul odors, and other unpleasant stenches that can distract, sicken, or irritate people trying to get their jobs done. Make your workplace a place where people want to work.

Keep Cool

When the windows are open, the temperature typically goes down. When the office is perceived as being cooler, though not too cool, it becomes a more comfortable place to work. When the thermometer rises, so do tempers, and cool temperatures can help ensure cooler heads. On pleasant days, open the windows to cool things down. When it’s too hot, of course, be sure your air conditioning unit is up to the task of reducing the heat. Naturally, some environments, factories, and other facilities cannot be as easily cooled with fresh outside air. Invest in a system of large fans to draw the nice air in and keep it circulating.

Clean Air Means Clean Machines

While you should always think of your employees first, don’t forget to look after your machinery as well. They may not breathe like we do, but machinery does depend on an environment free from excessive dust, pollutants, and particles. Factories, mills, and other facilities are especially liable for produce waste in dust form that can enter the air and invade both the lungs of the workers and your machinery. Dust collectors, fitted with filter receivers, are required in factories for this very reason. They remove dust from the air, preventing build-up in the gears, cogs, and other inner and outer workings of your devices. When allowed to build up, dust can get packed in, requiring regular and costly maintenance, as well as repairs that would have otherwise been unnecessary.

Go Green

Sometimes, the method through which you bring clean air into your office or facility comes with its own advantages. Devices like pumps, filters, and fans are fine, but you can also clean up the air in your place with a self-powered solution. Plants work with the sun and air to turn carbon dioxide into healthy oxygen. They also provide fresher scents and colorful visual perquisites like flowers and leaves of all colors. Plants also make your office look better and more professional, impressing visiting guests and customers. In a funny way, all that greenery can guarantee more financial green for your business.

Consideration for the Community

Want to be more efficient? Meet local, regional, and federal rules and regulations about pollutants, workplace safety, and the like. That way, you won’t face visits from inspectors, hefty fines, and potential shutdowns as you make huge and costly adjustments to meet standards. You owe the people living nearby a safe and healthy environment. Not cleaning up your act can lead to protests, bad publicity, and troubles with the authorities. Keep the air around your facility clean. The cost is worth it in the long run—not just financially but regarding communal goodwill as well.

Conclusion and Next Steps

We’ve covered how cleaner air can improve the efficiency of your business. Now, what are your next steps? Naturally, most breathing hazards can be dealt with through regular cleaning and washing, filtration systems, and open windows. If circumstances have led you to have greater concerns about your health and the health of your employees, consult an air quality expert for an inspection of your facility. They’ll search for warning signs of poor ventilation, mold and mildew, dust, insect and vermin waste, lead, radon, and other pollutants, materials, and hazards that can cause discomfort, sickness, or even death. After the inspection, they’ll supply a multi-point plan to bring your facility up to code and a cleaner bill of health.

Clean air is something we can’t live without—literally! Keep the air in and around your place of business cleaner, and you’ll be sure to sustain and even improve productivity and efficiency.

How Cleaner Air Can Improve the Efficiency of Your Business
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