VPS Unit

Vacuum Pressure Units

DoverMEI’s Vacuum Pressure Units are a versatile unit designed to handle either abrasive or non-abrasive granular, powder or pelletized materials. An air management system controlling the pressure side of the system regulates air velocity and system pressure to run exactly as the system design requires. This feature allows slower product speeds reducing product degradation. Product wear on components is greatly reduced because the material being conveyed comes in contact with only two moving parts, the inlet and discharge valves. Both valves are designed for abrasive service. Replacement seats are inexpensive and require only two hours to replace. The Vacuum/Pressure system approach utilizes full blower capacity for both the vacuum and pressure cycles of the system. This allows longer vacuum legs, if required, for use such as unloading 2 or 3 railcars without re-spotting.

Vacuum pressure units are conveyed by vacuum from its source into the vacuum/pressure vessel until it is full as indicated by the level control. The inlet valve closes and blower valves B and C switch the blower from vacuum to the pressure mode. Air enters the vessel through the filter media cleaning it and pressurizing the vessel simultaneously. At a pre-determined pressure, the discharge valve opens, air valve A directs conveyed air to the aeration ring of the vessel and the air management system takes over controlling pressure and velocity as designed. When the vessel is empty as indicated by a pressure switch, the system is returned to the vacuum mode and the cycle is repeated.

  • Carbon Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel (product contact surfaces)
  • All units can be provided as stationary, mobile, or completely self-contained diesel driven.