Tips for Increasing Your Industrial Blower Efficiency

Tips for Increasing Your Industrial Blower Efficiency

Industrial blowers are crucial components in various workplace machinery. For instance, dust collectors and pneumatic conveyors rely on blowers for proper functioning. When you discover that a blower in your workplace isn’t functioning right, it can be frustrating and damaging to your workflow. To prevent this from happening, read through these tips for increasing your industrial blower efficiency.

Routinely Clean Your Blower

Conducting general cleaning and routine maintenance is essential for keeping industrial blowers in good condition. Whether you’re doing upkeep or letting a designated maintenance crew handle the procedure, you need to remember that taking care of equipment isn’t optional. Neglecting to inspect and clean blowers regularly will allow rust to form on the surface. Rust isn’t just a cosmetic issue; it will also hinder the overall functionality of the system. If you’re noticing performance issues with your industrial blower, determine whether the right people have cleaned it according to your designated cleaning or maintenance schedule.

Maintain Optimal Operating Temperatures

Heat is normal, but too much heat can slow an industrial blower’s performance immensely. The biggest culprits of intense operating temperatures are dirty air filters. Routinely replace yours to keep blowers working effectively. Incorrect settings can also lead to overheating. In this case, “settings” refers to airflow speed and pressure levels. Operating outside of your blower’s performance capabilities can spell disaster for it. If pressure levels are too high or airflow is too low, operating temperatures will be far from optimal.

Use High-Efficiency Motors

The purpose of a high-efficiency motor is self-explanatory. That said, whether you get one for pneumatic conveyors or dust collectors, a blower won’t always come with a high-efficiency motor. Upgrading to one of these reliable motors is typically more expensive than lower-grade options on the market. However, as long as you take care of the system, high-efficiency motors will bring better performance and minimize your blower’s upkeep requirements.

If you’re noticing lackluster performance in the workplace, use these tips for increasing your industrial blower efficiency. Industrial blowers act as one part of a larger system, which is why we custom-design our pneumatic blower packages to accommodate unique workplace needs. Designing blower packages to meet your specific workplace requirements will help you invest in a system that’s efficient and effective from day one.

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