Top Misconceptions About Industrial Blowers

Top Misconceptions About Industrial Blowers

Although many businesses regularly rely on industrial air blowers, there are a few common misconceptions regarding these machines. Unfortunately, these misconceptions can lead to the misuse of blowers in the workplace. To ensure you’re making the most out of your unit, read this list detailing the top misconceptions about industrial blowers.

“Blowers, Fans, and Compressors Are the Same Thing”

One of the most common misconceptions is that the terms blower, fan, and compressor relate to the same machine. However, all three of these terms are for three different machines. Not understanding what sets these three terms apart will lead to immense confusion when purchasing the equipment you’re seeking.

An industrial blower moves medium to large amounts of gas with a moderate pressure increase. On the other hand, fans move larger amounts of gas with very little pressure increase. Finally, compressors use pressure differentials to displace air successfully. These details might sound somewhat minor, but they’ll make or break whether your machine delivers the right performance for your workplace application.

“All Blowers Use One Type of Motor”

It’s not rare for businesses to assume they have one motor option to choose from, but there’s a wider variety available. Blowers are one of many types of industrial machines a manufacturer can tailor to your specific needs. One component you can alter depending on the application is the motor. The most common option is the induction motor, which is great for fueling high horsepower blowers in the workplace. However, you can also opt for brushed, brushless, and switched reluctance when necessary.

“Regenerative Blowers Are Perfect for Nearly Any Application”

Another one of the top misconceptions about industrial blowers is the versatility of regenerative air blowers. Although you might hear regenerative blowers have nearly universal applications, that’s not quite true. Centrifugal and regenerative blowers serve very different purposes. For instance, centrifugal blowers are great for applications requiring high amounts of airflow but low air pressure. On the other hand, regenerative blowers are better for applications, requiring low airflow but high air pressure levels.

For this reason, at DoverMEI, we are industrial vacuum blower manufacturers that work closely with clients to ensure they’re getting what’s best for their specific application. Small details like proper air pressure accommodations have a big impact on your blower’s ability to get the job done right.

Now, you officially know the truth behind two of the most widespread myths behind industrial blower machines. Understanding details like the ones above is invaluable to the search for workplace equipment. Of course, blowers are only one part of your daily operations, but they’re a crucial part, nonetheless.

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