Top Reasons To Use Railcar Loading & Unloading Systems

Top Reasons To Use Railcar Loading & Unloading Systems

If your company handles large shipments of industrial and other materials, no doubt you’ve used the railways to move your goods from one place to another. Along with waterways, rail remains one of the more economical and environmentally conscious ways to transport materials in bulk. If you choose to send things by rail, you’ll need a turnkey system for loading and unloading railcars. If you’re unfamiliar with such systems, read on. Here are the top reasons to use railcar loading and unloading systems.

They’re Built With Safety in Mind

Railcar loading and unloading systems are built with the safety of the people who use them in mind, adhering to OSHA standards and regulations. Platforms are set up with side rails, cages, grab bars, and similar safeguards to prevent falls and other hazards to life and limb. Spills are curtailed and contained as well, reducing spoilage and, more importantly, spills from escaping and injuring workers and others near the loading and unloading area.

They Keep Things Consistent

Railcar loading and unloading systems are geared toward adding and taking away materials from the cars and doing so with a tremendous level of accuracy. Materials are measured out and dispensed to or removed from the cars while keeping account of the amounts involved. The systems are equipped with devices like pumps, filters, meters, and compressors that ensure neither too much nor too little is added or taken away. Human error is mostly eliminated, which translates into greater safety and savings.

They Can Be Set Up To Accommodate Your Facility’s Requirements

Closing out our list of top reasons to use railcar loading and unloading systems is the fact that not all factories, mills, and other facilities are shaped the same way. Likewise, there’s no standard setup for railcar loading equipment and their accompanying unloading systems, and they can be customized and constructed to accommodate you and your facility’s needs while meeting safety standards. Loading and off-loading systems can be built close to shipping and dispensing sections and set up to fit the area. We’ll work with you to design, install, and maintain the loading and unloading system that works best for you!

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