What to Ask Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers

What to Ask Material Handling Equipment Manufacturers

Buying and installing material handling equipment is a very thorough process. You’ll need to shop around for gear that helps you complete day-to-day operations in your facility. This requires sifting through all different kinds of equipment, of which there are usually several subsections. That’s where material handling equipment manufacturers come in quite handy. By knowing what to ask material handling equipment manufacturers, you can make sure you get the best gear for your facility with ease and reliability.

Can you Supply Me with All the Equipment I Need?

If you can purchase all of your equipment from one reliable source, it will make the whole process so much easier. That way, whenever you need to purchase, replace, or request maintenance for equipment, you’ll always know who to contact and what to expect from their service.

What is Your Maintenance Response Time?

Making sure your equipment manufacturer has the right gear for you isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. The manufacturer you choose should be the company you go to for scheduled and emergency maintenance. Make sure your equipment supplier is a reliable source of timely scheduled check-ups. Additionally, you should make sure you’re comfortable with their response times in emergency situations like mechanical breakdowns.

Do You Offer Warranties?

Not all material handling equipment comes with a warranty. However, you should always ask about obtaining one so you can protect yourself if something goes wrong with the machine. Before obtaining the warranty, make sure to smooth out some of the details such as how long the warranty is valid, as well as the manufacturers ability to follow through on the terms stated within it.

How Familiar Are You with This Brand?

When buying equipment, you should make sure that it isn’t specialty equipment that the manufacturer is unfamiliar with. Stick with brands that the manufacturer is knowledgeable in. That way, when it comes time for scheduled or emergency maintenance, you can rely on them to get the job done right.

Now that you know what to ask material handling equipment manufacturers, you’re ready to begin shopping for one. With an attentive, reliable manufacturer on your side, the process of finding and maintaining the right equipment for your facility will be a breeze. At DoverMEI, we can provide you with a bevy of material handling equipment, including bulk plastic pellets, for you to enhance your facility with. By providing your facility with the best equipment for the job, you can deliver the best results possible during your day-to-day operations.

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