Why You Should Custom-Build Your Vacuum Blower

Why You Should Custom-Build Your Vacuum Blower

If your company, factory, or mill requires an industrial vacuum blower, we have several models and brands in stock. But quite often, you’ll need more than the standard approach to tackle the requirements and challenges your facility offers. In cases like those, we may recommend several customizations to your specific setup. Here’s why you should custom-build your vacuum blower.


While they may share similar structures, no two facilities are the same. Owing to the materials released into the air, the layout of the plant, the climate inside and outside the plant, and so forth, you may need an industrial blower system that’s appropriately sized, powerful, and able to be set up without interfering with surrounding workers and machinery. You may even need to arrange for a protective enclosure to be built around the system if it needs to be located outdoors or in a particularly exposed spot in the factory or mill.

The Goods

A paper mill is not a food processing plant, and a textile mill is obviously not a car manufacturing factory. Therefore, each one requires a different type of vacuum blower to handle a different job (or jobs, as the case may be). Paper particulates are different from stray threads floating in the air. You need a vacuum blower that can handle the job of collecting these without becoming overwhelmed and burning out. Some systems simply work better with certain materials.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Here’s another reason why you should custom-build your vacuum blower. We take into consideration how often and when the system needs to be activated as well as the amount of cleaning and maintenance required to keep your blower functioning properly. You don’t want a system that only does half the job then breaks down. Certainly, maintenance is a big part of extending the life of any machine, but if the surroundings place too much stress or strain on the blower, it’s time for an upgrade.

Volume, Volume, Volume

Our pneumatic blower packages are only installed after we assess the amount of waste materials and the like put out by the manufacturing process. This is usually measured in cubic feet or poundage per day. We’ll ensure the industrial vacuum blower installed can stay on top of the job and can be adjusted when or if production increases down the line. Flexibility is key, and we’re here to find the best system for your purposes and budget.

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