How a Dust Collector Filter Receiver Works

How a Dust Collector Filter Receiver Works

Dust collection systems play an important role in keeping factories, plants, and other industrial facilities safe. This is because facilities in industries like agriculture and chemical processing can accumulate harmful contaminants in the air during everyday tasks. This can be dangerous for nearby employees and products alike. One of the most beneficial components of any functional dust collection system is called the filter receiver.

This guide will take you through how a dust collector filter receiver works because it plays a key role in keeping your facility safe to work in, as well as in many aspects of your dust collection system.

Once the dust and other contaminants make their way to the pneumatic conveyor, the conveyor’s airflow then redirects them toward the dust collector so you can keep them in a safe, secure spot for disposal. However, since pneumatic conveying systems use air pressure to carry the dust, there needs to be a component in the system that allows dust to go through it after being separated from the airflow which carries it.

To put it simply, there needs to be an area that separates the dust from the pneumatic conveyor’s airflow. That’s where a filter receiver comes in. These devices halt the airflow from the pneumatic conveyor and remove the dust, bringing it to its next destination. What makes filter receivers particularly good at this task is the round shape of their top. Thanks to this round design, filter receivers can accommodate the fluctuating air pressure emanating from the system. It might seem like such a small detail, but that round design keeps the filter receiver from warping due to the pressure fluctuations.

Now that you have a better understanding of how a dust collector filter receiver works, you see why it plays a vital role in allowing the entire dust collection system to provide you and your employees with clean, breathable air. Without proper health standards, your facility will fall victim to air pollution which will have a negative impact on the environment, your products, and your employees. At DoverMEI, we can supply your facility with a high-pressure filter receiver you can implement into your dust collection system with ease.

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