How Bulk Bag Handling Equipment Keeps Employees Safe

How Bulk Bag Handling Equipment Keeps Employees Safe

The benefits of bulk bag handling equipment go beyond how it improves the efficiency in your facility. With the proper handling practices, it can make your facility a safer place as well. This guide will show you exactly how bulk bag handling equipment keeps employees safe on a daily basis. There may be only two points, but these points play a vital role in keeping your staff safe and secure during work hours.

Prevents Knife-Related Injuries

Instead of having to cut down small bags with a knife, you can invest in bulk bag handling equipment that completely removes that step. If you can minimize how often your employees have to use a knife during their shift, then they’re obviously less likely to fall victim to injuries from knife blades.

If the employee in charge of handling small bags cuts or stabs him or herself with a knife, then you’re down a valuable employee who now needs replacement while they heal, depending on how intense of an injury it is. Aside from wanting to prevent a kink in your workflow, you should generally want to keep your employees out of harm’s way when they’re carrying out their daily tasks.

Causes Less Physical Strain

Constantly lifting and moving small bags can cause a lot of physical strain to employees over a period of time, particularly in their lower back and hands. You might think that since small bags are, well, smaller than bulk bags, they would cause less harm; however, that’s not the case. Although they are small, those small bags aren’t exactly lightweight. Additionally, small bags mean more frequent handling, so the employees will be going through repetitive actions like lifting and twisting throughout the day, slowly leading to issues such as back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Bulk bags will cut down on these repetitive motions, and the less frequently your employees have to do those, the happier they’ll be. This will give employees sufficient time and energy to carry out other tasks around the workplace. The quicker employees sustain those back and hand injuries in your facility, the sooner they’ll want to (or have to) cease working there.

Now that you see exactly how bulk bag handling equipment keeps employees safe, you understand why it’s crucial to consider installing it in your facility. If you’re ready to make the leap into the world of bulk bag handling, DoverMEI can help you find and install the right gear for your facility. Aside from bulk bag handling, we can also assist you with other forms of material handling storage such as silo tanks and beyond.

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