How To Choose Load Cells for Concrete Mixing Plants

How To Choose Load Cells for Concrete Mixing Plants

Load cells play a key role in weighing bulk loads of materials in facilities like concrete mixing plants. Choosing the right load cells takes time because these devices aren’t a “one size fits all” kind of deal. Understanding how to choose load cells for concrete mixing plants begins with diving into the points below.

Consider Environmental Conditions

Certain environmental conditions in your workplace can negatively affect load cell calculations. For instance, heavy winds can cause load cells to register material weights as being lighter or heavier than they actually are.

Likewise, intense temperature fluctuations can result in incorrect load cell calculations, thanks to how those fluctuations cause machines to expand and contract. If any of these environmental conditions are present in your workplace, find an effective solution before buying and installing your load cells.

Minimize Vibration Sources

Another cause of inaccurate load cell readings is mechanical vibrations. Those vibrations might seem harmless, but they’ll register on load cells as weight, which is far from being helpful in concrete mixing processes. The most likely culprit for vibrations in the workplace is nearby equipment. If you can move your weighing systems away from the equipment causing vibrations, that should solve the problem. If not, you might have to find a way to reduce the vibrations at their source.

Sidestep Summing Boxes

A scale’s load cells must have equal sensitivity levels to function properly. When load cells don’t have the same sensitivity, you can make the necessary adjustments with a summing box. Using the summing box tacks more time onto your setup process, but it’s still a crucial device for balancing uneven load cell sensitivity.

Luckily, installing standardized load cells onto concrete batching systems negates the need for summing boxes. In turn, standardized load cells make the whole installation process more efficient. Always talk with your vendor about which load cell you’re purchasing to ensure it’s the right fit for your needs, or if adjustments need to be made via summing boxes and other tools.

Learning how to choose load cells for concrete mixing plants plays a crucial role in successfully and efficiently upgrading your batching systems. As a company specializing in designing, manufacturing, and installing bulk solids handling equipment, we understand how small details can have a big effect on your whole operation. Hopefully, this guide helps your concrete mixing plant utilize the proper steps for making the most of your load cells.

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