How To Make Your Bulk Material Batching System More Efficient

How To Make Your Bulk Material Batching System More Efficient

Weighing and transporting bulk material batches might sound relatively straightforward, but there are some key details worth knowing about this process. Batching systems should make your workflow more efficient. So, if you feel as though your system is making the process less efficient, there’s a problem. Don’t worry; by using the quick guide below, you can discover how to make your bulk material batching system more efficient.

At the end of the day, making your batching system more efficient comes down to ensuring you have the right one for your needs. First off, make sure you’re buying batching systems from reliable experts. If you want your equipment to be reliable, you have to pick it up from reputable manufacturers. Plus, there are two key types of batching systems you can choose between: loss-in-weight and gain-in-weight.

Loss-in-weight batching systems are useful if you want to move large quantities of products fast and don’t have to worry about frequent sanitation or batch accuracy. As the name suggests, these systems measure weight loss in a feeder after dispensing materials into the batch container. On the other hand, gain-in-weight batching systems use pneumatic conveying to dispense batches with immense accuracy and precision.

A gain-in-weight batching system works by calculating the weight gained by the system dispensing products in the batch containers. Suffice it to say, the names of these systems are quite telling. What’s more telling is your facility’s needs. If you don’t mind moving batches at a slower pace and in smaller quantities to ensure accuracy and provide thorough sanitation, then a gain-in-weight system is likely the best fit.

As you can see, figuring how to make your bulk material batching system more efficient is a process that should begin before you even install the system. By taking the time to ensure you’re investing in the right batching system from a reliable manufacturer, you can improve your batching process’ efficiency immensely.

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